What We Do

We provide Real Estate Agents with an All-in-One solution for sales, marketing & operations. Our brand new technology for the Real Estate industry works through a software that is vetted by established business owners. This system focuses on 3 main areas:
  • Robust marketing activities (Client Inbound Flow),
  • A built up follow up process (A manual & Automated Client Conversations system),
  • And Increased Retention & new Revenue opportunities (Reputation process involving client review campaigns plus performance tracking)
We boldly say
“Our system plus our Marketing expertise is what sets us apart from the competition.”
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What we offer

  • We understand that marketing is changing, and as marketing technology experts, we are no longer only expertise providers but we are also technology providers. We provide Real Estate Agents with a custom CRM system that gathers customer interactions across all channels in one place. Managing centralized data helps businesses improve customer experience, satisfaction, retention and service.
  • We offer custom marketing services according to your needs. We optimize your website immediately with a Web Chat feature and increase accessibility for your ideal clients. We empower you to manage your reviews all in one place to increase trust with clients and grow your business ahead of the competition. Increase your online reputation.
  • We enhance productivity, processes and have a pipeline visible for all your team members. Increase lead generation and close deals with our software.
  • And of course, on top of the system, we offer our top notch marketing services and work towards meeting your marketing needs.

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